Hi there, ‘wood-be’ wood turners.

My wife has been encouraging me to join a men’s shed for some time. Then I saw an advertisement in the local paper regarding a “Men’s shed” in Malabar and made a phone call to enquire about it. I had a lengthy conversation with Mario Dato. Mario briefly explained the group WAS NOT A Men’s Shed but a group of Woodturners whose aim was to promote the craft of wood turning with individuals of similar aspirations. As I am interested in applying my hands and bespectacled eyes to wood and to join the comradery of the group, I decided this was for me.

A week after my first meeting with the members of the Eastern Region Wood Turning group, I signed up and waited enthusiastically for my first lesson.

Years ago, as a High School teacher, I was asked to supervise students in the College Wood Working Room on a number of occasions. Unfortunately I didn’t get an opportunity to do some hands-on experience in my own time.

I am now looking forward to turning wood into handles, a bowl or two, and perhaps some small vases for my wife’s hobby, as well as other projects.

Having completed a series of hands-on lessons on the use of wood turning machinery and tools, I can now look forward to an enjoyable and successful wood turning adventure.

How and why i became a woodturner – Charlie george