Simply rub with a clean cloth until required finish is achieved.

Remove all remaining Brasso from the item and clean with Methylated Spirits.

If you do not want the item to tarnish again coat with Wattyl Incralac Clear Copper Lacquer or similar product.


  1. Get a NON REACTIVE Container, Glass or similar. NOT METAL.
  2. Pour White Vinegar into the container to a depth that is able to cover the coins and add salt. Stir the solution until the salt is dissolved. Stir the solution and continue adding salt until the salt is no longer dissolving. The vinegar is “saturated” with salt.
  3. Add a little vinegar and stir to dissolve the last of the salt.
  4. Put the coin/s into the solution and wait about 10 minutes. Some coins will clean up very quickly, others will require more time and more cycles through the process to clean up.
  5. Remove the coin/s from the solution and rinse under Warm Water to stop the process.
  6. Get some Baking Soda and rub the surface of the coin with Baking Soda. This is a mild abrasive and will remove the last of the tarnish/patina.
  7. If the coin/s have reached the required state rinse them under warm water and dry them off with a soft cloth.
  8. The coin/s can then be finished as desired with Brasso and Clear Copper Lacquer.
  9. If the coin has not reached the required state. Wash the coin with hand soap.
  10. Repeat from Step 4 as many times as necessary to achieve the required finish.
Removing tarnish from copper coins
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